Bush flying remains a risky, expensive dream of pilots everywhere. Learning the skills associated with short and soft field landings, density altitude, thermals, mountain wave turbulence and high terrain requires diligent practice and knowledgeable instructors—luckily, we offer both!

Trip Profile

Up to 4 Days
group size
KFLY - MEadow Lake*
Cessna 182
all inclusive

Course Highlights


Backcountry airplane camping offers an exciting way to explore the Rockies. Our course involves a mountain flying ground school and three days in the wilderness, learning to land on remote, often unpaved strips in a specially-equipped Cessna 182. Though much of the trip involves flying through Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming, we customize each course to the activities and locations you prefer. We can help facilitate remote hiking, mountain biking, swimming, skiing, snowboarding and more.


. Trips can be adjusted for your comfort. If you prefer roughin’ it, we’ll bring some tents, groceries and a camp stove. If you’d like to take it a little easier (or the winter months prevent it), fly-in resort packages are also available.


A great way to experience the mountains in a unique and intimate way, most backcountry airstrips we land on are managed by the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management or other government agencies and are open to the public. We’ve also worked out agreements with several private airfield owners, as well. As this course provides an introduction to backcountry flying, we provide the appropriate gear and supplies, such as camping equipment, food and water and backup navigation and communication tools.

What's Included

DAY ONE Itinerary

  • Depart from the Rudy Welch GA Terminal at the Meadow Lake Airport in Falcon, Colorado.
  • Commercial arrivals into Colorado Springs Municipal airport can be shuttled to Meadow Lake or picked up at the KCOS airport.
  • Other Front Range airport departures available upon request.
  • Learn to cross high-elevation passes over Hayden and Poncha passes.
  • Intro to steep descents and high-elevation takeoff and landing at Salida Airport (KANK).
  • Learn to escape narrow canyons over Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.
  • Canyon turns help you escape in unable-climb situations where forward terrain clearance isn’t possible and standard turning isn’t feasible.
  • Practice higher-elevation approach and landing over Buena Vista.
  • Experience beginner lateral airflow dynamics by flying up the Arkansas River.
  • Leadville’s airport offers the highest public-use airport in the United States.
  • The FBO offers certificates for successfully landing on the field.
  • Learn to identify and leverage thermals for additional altitude.
  • Cross Hagerman Pass at 11,925 ft
  • Practice engine-out scenarios and learn about selecting emergency landing locations when no flat ground is available.
  • Sneak into the near-constant stream of jets flying into and out of Aspen County airport.
  • Learn soft- and short-field landings on an actual short, soft field at Dolores Point.
  • Camp on the Dolores Point Plateau.