A full-service flight school and adventure travel agency, Flight Training Adventures offers flight training courses to take students anywhere they want to go.

Our mission is to provide fun, challenging, safe and engaging flight training to students who seek more than the typical training path can offer. We believe our unique training model better prepares students to handle a more diverse set of flying challenges—whether encountered on the job or at their local airstrip on the weekend.

Our training adventures teach students the ups and downs of:

  • Instrument flying
  • Long-distance cross-country flying
  • Mountain flying
  • Backcountry or bush flying
  • Flying in complex airspace
  • …and much more

We help you plan a route or select a destination, then we build a customized curriculum for the trip. Our travel coordinators help book lodging, plan meals and supplement itineraries so you can focus on the course.

Certificated Flight Instructors (CFIs) remain with you every step of the way to ensure safety and a great experience, but with Flight Training Adventures, you’re in control of your flight training.

“I STARTED FLYING BECAUSE I wanted to go places.

After So much of my training INVOLVED circling the same five airports, I knew I had to START DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY."

Chauncey Crail
Founder, Flight Training Adventures

Here to help you accomplish your training goals
Founder, CFII/MEI

Passionate about travel, adventure and airplanes, Chauncey founded Flight Training Adventures with the goal of building better, more prepared pilots.

Dispatch Lead

Though her day job involves the silver screen, Shellby's lengthy experience as an Operations Director lends itself well to coordinating flight training adventures.

Brandy Donaldson
Adventure Flight Instructor, CFI

Mountain-flyer extraordinaire, Brandy's experience flying charters into and out of the hazardous terrain of the Southwestern U.S. Canyonlands makes her an excellent choice for those seeking adventure training in the rugged wilderness.

Jarred Atwood
Adventure Flight Instructor, CFI

Former police officer and security agent Jarred keeps pilots safe wherever they are. Unafraid to fly the most challenging of missions, Jarred's can-do, no-problem attitude helps student excel in rural, urban and austere flying environments all the same.

Jenna Bordieri

A private pilot with a great sense of adventure, Jenna helps plan, coordinate and book flight training adventures in the time between her own flight training missions.

N3360X - "Spot"

"X" marks the Spot with this Mooney M20C. A cross-county airplane at its core, the Mooney is excellent for XC and instrument training.


$180/h wet (inclusive of fuel)

N95FC - "FoREST"

Forest is a retired USFS Cessna 182. With short take-off and landing (STOL) capabilities and upgraded avionics, this 182 is outfitted for mountain and backcountry flying.


$215/h wet (inclusive of fuel)

N54357 - "Pumpkin Spice"

The classic trainer, Pumpkin Spice offers the world's most popular training airframe to those who want to learn to fly on an adventure, build time in a familiar airframe or want to prioritize affordability on their adventure.


$160/h wet (inclusive of fuel)


Ready For the Adventure of A LIFETIME?

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